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Friday, February 25, 2011

An easy hair bow tutorial (Hope it makes sense)!

You CAN do this-it isn't hard...This is a super easy boutique style hairbow-nothing fancy but really cute.

Step #1:
Get a piece of ribbon about 23 inches long (I like BIG bows-you can use a smaller piece) and heat seal the ends with a lighter-you don't need to buy the expensive heat seal stuff. A lighter works great.

Step #2:

Fold the ribbon in half and press down in the middle to create a crease (this is so you will know where the middle is.) You can also mark the crease with a pencil-you won't be able to see it when the bow is finished. Once you have your ribbon folded and creased, unfold it and make a figure 8 by bringing each end towards the middle (this is the same way an awareness ribbon is done). You don't need to fold the ribbon-just bring it around and to the middle. It should look like the picture above.

Step #3:

Okay, once you have your figure 8,you are going to repeat this by bringing the middle of both sides of your 8 to the middle again. It should look like the picture above. This is the back of your take a deep breath....

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