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Friday, March 11, 2011

My never-ending search for baby boy clothes....

I think I became spoiled when my daughter was a baby. I could walk into any store and find something extremely cute for her to wear. She had more clothes than any one child should...then along came my son. And boy, things just are not the same (LOL)...What is it with baby boy clothing? The manufacturer can take something so cute and turn it into something awful by adding a patch across the front that says "I am a professional gymnast". No, you are not. You are baby.

I have compiled a list of actual things I have seen on baby boy clothing (this is my top 10 in no particular order)

Keep in mind, I am talking BABY here-under 6 months old....

1. Mommy's little monkey ninja...
2. Professional gymnast
3. Race Car driver
4. I will save you in my fire truck
5. I only cry when Republicans/Democrats hold me (Okay, I admit-I laughed at this one-but it's still tacky)
6. I love running
7. Rockstar in a band
8. I fly banana airlines
9. I'm too sexy for my diaper
10. I play in the dirt


  1. a few cute onesies on here... :)

    And I agree, the ones you mentioned are totally lame.


  2. woops...forgot the link!

  3. I'm just glad I finally get to shop for girl clothes. If you think the boy clothes are bad now, imagine 10 years ago. :-)